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RE: filmscanners: Any Reviews?: Kodak RFS 3600

I have the scanner, but can't compare it to the LS2000 since I've never used it. On it's own tho, I will say I'm fairly happy with it. Good scans the first time, with minimal playing in Photoshop to match the original. Makes some noise, which doesn't bother me, but others have complained. Also, no ICE, so you'll have to manually remove any dust and scratches on the film.  I'm no expert, but for me, the scanner does what I expected and hasn't had any shortcomings that I didn't expect.  The software is a bit "unclear" in that buttons aren't labeled, but if you hover the mouse over a button, a tool tip will pop up and clear it up.  I also like the USB compatibility- makes it easy to move from my home computer to anywhere else I might need it. 
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Does anyone have any experience with the Kodak RFS3600 scanner.  Good specs, but how does it do in the real world and compare to say a LS2000?
Thanks for any input.


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