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Re: filmscanners: Comparison of LS2000 and LS4000

Thanks for this really interesting comparison.  I am impressed by the 
roc/gem technology, especially by this example of gem (grain 
reduction).  Of course we expected some grain reduction anyway because of 
the 4000dpi (which I think the LS4000 scans at even at the lower 
resolutions that were used in the examples) and indeed there is some 
improvement without GEM.  But gem as well makes this very grainy film look 

It is hard to tell from this example how much softening there is - I can 
see some apparent softening but this may be fixable with different settings 
or a bit of sharpening.

ROC - colour reconstruction - has changed the image a lot.  My guess is 
that the original was daylight film with tungsten light in which case ROC 
has done an arguably good job.  Now too cool, but I am sure I would find it 
easier to adjust for good skin tones from the ROC'd version than the original.

Thanks again for the insight,


At 05:26 01/05/01, you wrote:
>- Sample scans from same frame using LS2000 and LS4000 (not full res)
>- Sample using GEM/ROC
>- Pictures of the LS4000 internals
>- hand measured scan times with various features on/off

Julian Robinson
in usually sunny, smog free Canberra, Australia


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