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Re: filmscanners: Minolta Elite, Nikon LS-40, Acer 2740S

I cannot opine as to the new Nikon... it's not been on the market long enough
for the real bugs to come crawling out... I own a Minolta Elite... it has given
me good service and great scans... it doesn't have batch scanning, but the
scans I get are sharp and well exposed... My local pro shop steered me to the
Minolta over the LS 2000 Nikon (which I was ready to buy and they sell both)...
The Minolta scan software is user friendly, I use it to TWAIN 16 bit linear
scans into PShop, where I do the adjustments....  No comment on the Acer, since
I don't own one. My only comment is that the new Canon scanner ought to be on
your list as well, and if you don't have to buy one right now, you might want
to wait to see if Minolta comes out with a new machine in the next few

Mike Moore

Egil Rognvik wrote:

> Has anyone got any good advice on which one I should choose, Minolta Elite,
> Nikon LS-40 (CoolScan IV) or Acer 2740S? I know of the differences "on
> paper", and I like the Acer for SCSI batch scanning of slides, the Minolta
> for SCSI and singlepass multiscanning, and the Nikon for the LED's and
> auto/manual focus.
> How do they compare on image quality (sharpness, color, noise...)?
> I will be scanning slides, mostly Kodachrome.
> Egil Rognvik


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