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Re: aliasing was Re: filmscanners: Review of the Nikon CoolScan 4000

> > The other I'll call
> > "shark's tooth", and it looks like tiny spikes at regular
intervals on
> > high contrast edges.
> It's a regular, stepped displacement (on the y axis of a landscape
> of pixels which repeats every 4-5 pixels. It is most visible on high
> contrast edges, but occurs throughout the image. You can see it in
> full res LS30 scan at my site eg the boundary of her chin against
> black background. ICE was not used for this scan. As you say, this
is not
> related to the normal 'jaggie' phenomenon which arises through
> Most, if not all, LS30's seem to do it occasionally or always, with
> Nikonscan. As the scanner ages it tends to worsen. I don't know if
> helps, VS certainly does.

Thanks, exact answers are reassuring even when they contain bad news.
<g>  My scanner doesn't have very high mileage yet, and I'm thinking
of tradin her in on the 8000 anyway.  Further enticement.  Are you
thinking of mounting the effort to get your hands on one for review?
(I hope I hope)



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