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Re: filmscanners: Vuescan 7.0.8 hang!

Ed still wants me to send him a log file, which I can't do, since it hangs on
preview and wipes out the log file.

I e-mailed him back suggesting he generate a series of logfiles in his
application, i.e. logfile1, logfile2, logfile3, etc. Each file would write just
a step or two then CLOSE itself. Then it would increment, write a few more steps
at most, and close again. This might save some data before the hang occurs. The
logfile open at the time of the hang would be destroyed, but the logfile just
previous would hopefully record what the SS 4000 was doing just prior to the

Does anyone have any other ideas on how to preserve a logfile being written to
when a sudden freeze of the entire Windows 98SE occurs (requiring a power
cycling on CPU) during a SS 4000 hang in Vuescan? And just what is this doing to
the FAT table on my SCSI disks, etc?

Ezio wrote:

> Sorry to say that my HP-6200c FINALLY after 3 years of pain ... ultimately
> achieved the peace of senses and it works smoothly with Vuescan (except for
> the lamp warming function not managed ... that is an insignificant detail).
> I have tried many times ... with the aim of being of some help ... but I
> couldn't reproduce the problems (apparently same as yours) as it was since 3
> releases ago with my old drivers.
> Sincerely.
> Ezio
> > Ooops- spoke too soon. After only two scans it locks up the machine again
> on
> > the third attempt. No idea why. Again, I e-mailed Ed, but unfortunately,
> this
> > time I can't get him a log file- it freezes the machine before I can bail
> out,
> > so the log file gets lost. I can't even get to the end of preview now
> without a
> > total freeze. :-(
> >

Jim Hayes

Pixelography: The marriage of silicon and silver.
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