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Re: filmscanners: Vuescan 7.0.8 fast!

Lynn Allen wrote:

> Jim wrote:
> >Yikes! I sent Ed my log file from running Vuescan 7.07 and getting nasty
> hangs on my SS 4000 in Windows98SE- it froze everything up, so I had to do
> power off/on reboots. Within 12 hours he sent me a test file, and about two
> hours after I e-mailed him telling him it now works, he releases it ( the
> real version 7.0.8 that is). Thanks, Ed wherever you are...
> How does he do it so fast?
> He's good is how, in a word or two. *Incredibly* good. And thanks, Jim, for
> pointing out the proper way to approach a problem. Why hadn't filmscanners
> mentioned this sooner--or was I just asleep at the switch? :-)
> Best regards--LRA

Ooops- spoke too soon. After only two scans it locks up the machine again on
the third attempt. No idea why. Again, I e-mailed Ed, but unfortunately, this
time I can't get him a log file- it freezes the machine before I can bail out,
so the log file gets lost. I can't even get to the end of preview now without a
total freeze. :-(

Jim Hayes

Pixelography: The marriage of silicon and silver.
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