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RE: filmscanners: Printdpi

On 30 Mar 2001 10:43:35 EST  Richard Starr (Richard.Starr@valley.net) wrote:

> Getting the bl**dy 
> colour spot-on is another matter...
> --- end of quote ---
> So how do you approach this important issue?  I am constantly tweaking the 
> settings in the printer driver, trying to match my screen colors and tonal
> values.

Same as you, right now, but profiling s/w is looking expensively inevitable.

TBH I have not often needed terribly accurate colour from the Epson previously, 
so was content to struggle whenever I did. But the occasional problems with 
repro from scans suggest I'm going to have to produce reference prints 
which match the screen image precisely. 

Also I am fed up with the truly vast waste of ink and paper, and especially 
time. In all my years of darkroom printing I have never come across such an 
unruly, infuriating and wasteful process with the exception of lith 
printing - my record there is 4 days to produce a single print I was happy 
with. Later, I decided it still wasn't quite right. 

This is the case with Epson: in a year or so with the 1200, I have not once 
produced a print I was all that satisfied with. Even CIBA wasn't as 
bloody-minded, so long as you didn't tax its contrast range.

What is so galling is that having spent ages getting a scan 'just right' on 
screen, and all the ICM stuff sussed, this final stage is really broken.

I am not even confident that custom profiling will help, as there 
are things I just don't like about Epson prints. I'm hopeful the Canon S800 
will be an improvement, as the samples I saw were much closer to where I 
want to be, but I need A3. Doubtless there's an S8000 on the way. I'm 
idiotically hopeful it'll be properly profiled out of the box, and just work, 
then I can relegate the 1200 to Cone B&W, or chuck it in the canal.


Tony Sleep
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