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Re: filmscanners: Re: Canon FS2710 vs Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II

OK, so at current exchange rates, I now know that the Canon purchase 
will cost me an extra $70 CAN, for Vuescan.  Does the Minolta Scan II 
also require Vuescan to reach its "zenith"?


Roger Smith wrote:

> At 11:34 AM +0100 3/28/01, Robert Logan wrote:
>>  > I have found using Vuescan with the Canoscan does wonders. Even 
>> basic scans
>>>  come out with less noise. Do a multi passes or the long exposure 
>>> pass gives
>>>  me great scans - adding shadow detail and getting rid of shadow noise.
>> I have to agree - showed a mate the difference between Vuescan and 
>> CanoScan
>> last night on one of his 'difficult' negs and he wept with joy (ummm). He
>> spent about 2 hours with Photoshop trying to get a result to no effect.
>> A bit more difficult to use, but a whole lot more effective.
>     I also agree - I've been using VueScan with my Canon FS2710 for 
> almost a year, and for the most part it is great.
>     My original question was how does the Canon compare to the Minolta. 
> Presumably if the Minolta is basically better than the Canon, it will be 
> better under VueScan as well. I made the comment about noise on the 
> Canon as a point of comparison.
> Thanks for the replies,
> Roger Smith


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