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Re: filmscanners: Puzzled about display resolution

And is it really a gamma control, or just a contrast or brightness control?

I'm in the market for a dual-monitor card but I like my NVIDIA TNT with the
new Detonator 3 driver which has the numerical gamma - that is the feature
that has allowed me to match my monitor to my print without software other
than Corel's "Color Wizard" which is essentially a screen-matching exercise.
I just tried out the ATI Radeon VE but no gamma control so it's going back.
Since I don't have an extra slot available it's either the Matrox G450 which
is better rated, or the NVIDIA GeForce2 MX which uses the Detonator 3 driver
but doesn't allow independent screen resolutions for my new 19" Trinitron
and my old Dell SVGA 14 or 15" (unless anyone knows of any others on the
market for a PC?)


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| > Does the Matrox G450 have a setting for changing the monitor's gamma?
| Yes, but not numerically. It is a WYSISYG control.
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