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filmscanners: Independent Resolution on Dual Monitor Win2K

Hi Frank,

They've only got independent resolution working with the latest Matrox 
drivers. I posted about it the other day. I'm currently running my 21 inch 
monitor at 1152x864 and an old 13 inch monitor (until my new 19 inch 
arrives) at 800x600 on my new Win2K system. Here's a link to the page with 
the latest Matrox drivers:

The drivers were released about a week after the review was written. That's 
why the conclusion is incorrect.


>Here is a false statement in that review: "The final limitation deals with
>the operating system Windows 2000 itself and not the dual display
>technology. Windows 2000 has a limitation that prevents two separate
>monitors running off the same card from running at different resolutions."
>My friend has dual monitors with different resolutions going under Windows
>2000 on the Matrox 450. Also there is this statement: "The one problem that
>did arise from Matrox's lack of inclusion of a resolution selection utility
>was that we could not set individual displays to different resolutions. This
>could prove to be a problem in setups where the screen sizes are different.
>This problem plauges all other dual display solutions while in Windows
>2000." That also is false. There is indeed an interface for setting a
>separate display resolution.

Larry Berman

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