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RE: filmscanners: analog gain

At 09:08 AM 14/03/01 +1000, Rob wrote:
>If you change the brightness, the best thing to do is rerun the preview
>scan.  It's not horribly slow.  Otherwise you're not seeing the result of
>the longer integration time.  I imagine Ed could code Vuescan to estimate
>the change produced by the brightness control, but people would probably
>complain that it wasn't accurate.

That's what my old scanner, an Olympus ES10, did, and that feature sucked.
The difference between its estimation and the real result was so great that
it made what would have been a really useful ability close to worthless.

PS Do I get an award for worst grammar for that sentence? ;)

Mark T.

Mark Thomas   markthom@camtech.net.au


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