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Re: filmscanners: OT: looking for a directory printing program

Arthur writes ...

> This is an off topic request.  I am try to get "my affairs in
> which includes trying to get my CD-RWs labeled with what is on them.
> Apparently, the authors of WIN95, and maybe later versions, didn't
> consider a capability that I had on my Commodore 64 computer, that
> the ability to print out directories, ...

    I alway write my images, including their directories, to a common
directory (e.g., "copy2CD") before writing the CD.  This allows me to
check this directories properties for total megabytes ... more
importantly, it's easy to create a files.txt file by using a DOS
windows, cd'ing into the directory, and using the command:

DIR /V /S >files.txt

    /s implies all subdirectories
    /v implies verbose, which includes the 8.3 and long filenames,
plus size, modified, accessed.

HTH ... shAf  :o)


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