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Re: filmscanners: GEM, ROC compared to Vuescan

>From: "Rob Geraghty" <harper@wordweb.com>
>I think most of the softening is the dust removal algorithms at higher
>but it's hard to know. Only separating the features would make it possible
>to tell.

If you look at the first example on my page you will see that it was scanned 
with version 6.5 (the last version before the new grain reduction and 
cleaning algorithms) and it was done using the Scour (strongest) setting.  
It *doesn't* have any softening.  By the way, these scans were done using 
the Minolta Scan Elite which has the infrared channel.  In the past Ed has 
said that his cleaning algorithms do *not* soften the image if there is an 
infrared channel.  As you can see from the scans though, version 6.6 does 
soften the image when Scrub and Scour are used.  Whether that is because the 
cleaning algorithm is broken in some way or because of the grain reduction 
algorithm, I don't know.  It is the main reason I would like to have 
separate controls though.
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