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Re: nginx-0.7.22


On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 12:26:40PM -0600, Andrew Velikoredchanin wrote:

> Igor Sysoev пишет:
>> Изменения в nginx 0.7.22                                          20.11.2008
>>     *) Добавление: параметр none в директиве smtp_auth.
>>        Спасибо Максиму Дунину.
> Где можно почитать про использование данного параметра?

Как-то так (извините за английский, но русский вариант куда-то 
протерялся - если вообще был):

Mail: smtp proxy without authentication.

Activated by auth method "none" in smtp_auth directive.

Waits for MAIL FROM and first RCPT TO from client, asks auth_http for
backend with additional headers Auth-SMTP-Helo, Auth-SMTP-From,
Auth-SMTP-To, and establishes connection to backend.

Auth-SMTP-From/To currently contain full command (e.g. "mail from: <>"),
this may change in future.

The functionality was designed to take off load from real smtp servers.
Additionally it may be used to implement pop-before-smtp authentication
(but dont do it unless you really need it - use real auth instead).

Current bug-features:

  - If only "none" method activated in config, other methods (e.g. plain,
    login) not advertised but accepted. Make sure your auth server handles
    this gracefully.

  - If backend server returns error on MAIL FROM command while
    proxy tunnel setup, nginx will close connection to client with 4xx
    error. One may use proxy_pass_error_message directive to pass original
    error message to client.

  - Syntax of MAIL FROM / RCPT TO commands from client isn't checked.

Note: smtp pipelining support not yet merged by Igor, and there 
were reports that some real-world servers use pipelining even if 
not advertised.  Use with care.

Maxim Dounin


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