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Re: [inet-admins] FreeBSD & commercial RAID support

Eugeny Kuzakov writes:

 > > Есть, точно, например www.opensound.com - комерчиские sound-driver'a
 > > правда чего-то похоже они от россии закрылись
 > Во блин! А я думал, что это только у меня так :) А они именно закрыты?
 > М.б. дело в том, что в реверсе у меня нифига не написано?

Вот чего они мне написали:

=======================[ FWD ]==========================
Hi Vladimir,

Due to some Russian hackers using fake credit cards to order OSS
we have had to shut down OSS to all .ru domains. We will be happy
to send you the software directly via email. You can still file technical
support requests from http://www.4front-tech.com/support.cgi

Currently FreeBSD 4.0 is not yet supported - we are working on this.
We expect to support 4.0 (or 5.0) by end of July. Due to major
architectural changes in the FreeBSD 4.0 kernel, we have had to do
a major rewrite of the OSS drivers - this is taking longer than we expected
as the module interfaces and bus interfaces have changed dramatically.

Best regards
Dev Mazumdar
=======================[ FWD ]==========================

 > 			Евгений.

TSB Russian Express, Moscow
Vladimir B. Grebenschikov, vova@express.ru
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