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[inet-admins] Cisco & Minsvyaz' certificates



From: Viatcheslav Metelev <vmetelev@cisco.com>
Subject: Certification Status

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many of you have asked me what we are doing with new products in terms of

Here the status is:

Finally we submitted in Minsviazy the application form to certify the new

- Cisco 12016
- Cisco 7576
- Cisco 7204VXR and Cisco 7206VXR
- Cisco 7120 and Cisco 7140
- Cisco uBR7246VXR
- Cisco Service Expansion Shelf (SES)
- Cisco 3661 and Cisco 3662
- Cisco ONS 15304
- Cisco Signaling Controller 2200
- Cisco 1750
- Cisco 1605-R, Cisco 1601-R, Cisco 1603-R
- Cisco 1417 ADSL router
- Cisco 805 Ethernet/Serial Router
- Cisco 827 and Cisco 827-4V
- Cisco 633 and Cisco 673 

I have already got the official letter claiming that the above listed
products are being certified in
Minsviazy. So, feel free to contact our reception to obtain a copy.

If you think we missed something your comments are welcome.


Viatcheslav Metelev
SP SE Team Leader, CCIE 
Cisco Systems Russia

Sincerely Yours,      mailto:aidan@miee.ru
Michael V. Smirnoff   tel. +7-095-532-0581

MIEEnet Network Operations Center

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