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[inet-admins] leased line trouble

Добрый вечер.

Не  подскажите,  в  чем  может  быть дело? Есть выделенка на Тайнетах.
Асинк. 38400. С одной стороны циска, с другой - linux redhat 6.0. Пинг
удаленного  конца  (с  любой  стороны) показывает 540ms, что для 38400
достаточно много, на мой взгляд. Дропов нет. Чтобы это могло быть?

# ping -sn
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0. time=534. ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1. time=534. ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2. time=535. ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3. time=534. ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4. time=534. ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=5. time=535. ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=6. time=533. ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=7. time=533. ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=8. time=532. ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=9. time=532. ms
---- PING Statistics----
10 packets transmitted, 10 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip (ms)  min/avg/max = 532/533/535

cisco# sh int asy 113
Async113 is up, line protocol is up
  Hardware is CD2430 in async mode
  Internet address is
  MTU 1500 bytes, BW 38 Kbit, DLY 100000 usec,
     reliability 255/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255
  Encapsulation PPP, loopback not set, keepalive not set
  DTR is pulsed for 5 seconds on reset
  LCP Open
  Listen: CDPCP
  Open: IPCP
  Last input 00:00:15, output 00:00:15, output hang never
  Last clearing of "show interface" counters 00:45:59
  Input queue: 0/75/0 (size/max/drops); Total output drops: 0
  Queueing strategy: weighted fair
  Output queue: 0/1000/64/0 (size/max total/threshold/drops)
     Conversations  0/5/256 (active/max active/max total)
     Reserved Conversations 0/0 (allocated/max allocated)
  5 minute input rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec
  5 minute output rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec
     1300 packets input, 123041 bytes, 0 no buffer
     Received 0 broadcasts, 0 runts, 0 giants, 0 throttles
     0 input errors, 0 CRC, 0 frame, 0 overrun, 0 ignored, 0 abort
     1507 packets output, 651202 bytes, 0 underruns
     0 output errors, 0 collisions, 0 interface resets
     0 output buffer failures, 0 output buffers swapped out
     0 carrier transitions

cisco# sh li 113
 Tty Typ     Tx/Rx     A Modem  Roty AccO AccI  Uses    Noise   Overruns
A113 TTY  38400/38400  -    -      -    -    -     0        0        0/0

Line 113, Location: "", Type: ""
Length: 24 lines, Width: 80 columns
Baud rate (TX/RX) is 38400/38400, no parity, 1 stopbits, 8 databits
Status: Ready, Active, Async Interface Active, HW PPP Support Active
Capabilities: Hardware Flowcontrol In, Hardware Flowcontrol Out
  Line is permanent async interface
Modem state: Ready
Line is running PPP routing for address
0 output packets queued, 0 input packets.
 Async Escape map is 00000000000000000000000000000000
Modem hardware state: CTS* DSR  DTR RTS
Special Chars: Escape  Hold  Stop  Start  Disconnect  Activation
               BREAK   none   -     -       none
Timeouts:      Idle EXEC    Idle Session   Modem Answer  Session   Dispatch
               00:10:00        never                        none     not set
                            Idle Session Disconnect Warning
                            Login-sequence User Response
                            Autoselect Initial Wait
                              not set
Modem type is unknown.
Session limit is not set.
Time since activation: never
Editing is enabled.
History is enabled, history size is 10.
DNS resolution in show commands is enabled
Full user help is disabled
Allowed transports are pad v120 telnet rlogin.  Preferred is telnet.
No output characters are padded
No special data dispatching characters

С уважением,
Александр Колесник.

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