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Re: [inet-admins] mail

> DV> А есть ли где пррограммка, удаляющая старые прочитанные письма из mailbox?
> DV> А то некоторые юзера любят почту забирать, оставляя ее на сервере :(( 
> cucipop умеет насильно удалять забранные письма. Но это rfc violation.
> Хотя сам уже хочу этим violation'ом воспользоваться :)

Какого это RFC? ;-) Смотрим RFC 1939:

8. Scaling and Operational Considerations

   *  Enforce a site policy regarding mail retention on the server.

      Sites are free to establish local policy regarding the storage and
      retention of messages on the server, both read and unread.  For
      example, a site might delete unread messages from the server after
      60 days and delete read messages after 7 days.  Such message
      deletions are outside the scope of the POP3 protocol and are not
      considered a protocol violation.

      Server operators enforcing message deletion policies should take
      care to make all users aware of the policies in force.

      Clients must not assume that a site policy will automate message
      deletions, and should continue to explicitly delete messages using
      the DELE command when appropriate.

      It should be noted that enforcing site message deletion policies
      may be confusing to the user community, since their POP3 client
      may contain configuration options to leave mail on the server
      which will not in fact be supported by the server.

Как видно, явно сказано "are not considered a protocol violation".

Смотрим свежий (и, на самом деле, слегка кривой) RFC 2449:

6.7.  EXPIRE capability

   CAPA tag:

       server-guaranteed minimum retention days, or NEVER; optionally
       followed by USER in AUTHENTICATION state


       While POP3 allows clients to leave messages on the server, RFC
       1939 [POP3] warns about the problems that may arise from this,
       and allows servers to delete messages based on site policy.

       The EXPIRE capability avoids the problems mentioned in RFC 1939,
       by allowing the server to inform the client as to the policy in
       effect.  The argument to the EXPIRE capability indicates the
       minimum server retention period, in days, for messages on the

       EXPIRE 0 indicates the client is not permitted to leave mail on
       the server; when the session enters the UPDATE state the server
       MAY assume an implicit DELE for each message which was downloaded
       with RETR.

       EXPIRE NEVER asserts that the server does not delete messages.

Ну и так далее, с подробностями.

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