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Re: [inet-admins] OSPF?

Hello Andrey Zimin!
> :
>  ABR  0  1 , -   ASBR  RIP.
> :
>    RIP -  ? 0  1?

IMHO,  :)  external type I  II,    .

OSPF allows networks to be grouped into areas. Routing information passed
between areas is abstracted, potentially allowing a
significant reduction in routing traffic. OSPF uses four different types of
routes, listed in order of preference: intra-area,
inter-area, type 1 external and type 2 external. Intra-area paths have
destinations within the same area, inter-area paths have
destinations in other OSPF areas and Autonomous System External (ASE) routes
are routes to destinations external to the AS.
Routes imported into OSPF as type 1 routes are supposed to be from igps
whose external metrics are directly comparible to
OSPF metrics. When a routing decision is being made, OSPF will add the
internal cost to the AS Border router to the external
metric. Type 2 ASEs are used for egps whose metrics are not comparable to
OSPF metrics. In this case, only the internal OSPF
cost to the AS Border router is used in the routing decision. 


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