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Re: [inet-admins] NetBus

On Wed, Nov 04, 1998 at 06:51:58PM +0300, Ilya Shulman wrote:
>  ,
>  -   NetBus ?   ,   
> BO ..
12345/tcp, 12346/tcp

There two ways to remove NetBus, depending on what version you

        - For  versions 1.5x,  the instructions  to remove  NetBus are
          located at http://members.spree.com/NetBus/remove_1.html
        - For   version  1.6,   the  removal   instructions  are    at
          http://members.spree.com/NetBus/remove_2.html.     You   can
          remove any installation  of NetBus 1.6  by telneting to  the
          machine at port 12345, typing 'Password;1;', pressing enter,
          typing 'RemoveServer;1',  and pressing  enter.   You will be
          disconnected, NetBus will be disabled and will longer run at
          startup.  You will have to delete Patch.exe from you Windows
          directory if  you want  to completely  remove NetBus.   This
          procedure works even if there is a password set, however  it
          doesn't work with the 1.5x versions.



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