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[inet-admins] ***Hot News*** Announcing R2 support for the 3600 Digital Modems


>>From vnebolsi@cisco.com  Fri Oct 30 14:35:30 1998
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>>Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 14:34:48 +0300
>>To: dyer@sut.ru
>>From: Vladislav Nebolsine <vnebolsi@cisco.com>
>>Subject: ***Hot News*** Announcing R2 support for the 3600 Digital
>>  Modems!!
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>>Hot News!!!
>>Announcing R2 support for the 3600 family of Digital Modems
>>The 3600 team is pleased to announce R2 support for integrated Digital Modems on the popular Cisco 3600 series platform. This feature is available with the introduction of IOS 12.0(1)T
>>This new feature supports the use of  R2 signalling with the 3600 internal digital modems, enabling  high-speed (up to 56kbps) remote access for branch offices and small/mid size ISP's who utilize this specific line-signalling protocol.
>>This announcement extends the range of connectivity options available for
>>the 3600 Digital Modems, now supporting:
>>R2 (CE1))
>>By supporting this flexible range of signalling protocols , the 3600
>>digital modem solutions can now be deployed on a world-wide basis!
>>A Country list and Mini Q&A follow.
>>Countries configurable with R2 on the 3600: (this is a subset of the
>>5300 R2 countries)
>>Brazil *
>>China *
>>Costa Rica
>>Eastern Europe mode supports:
>>        Croatia
>>        Russia *
>>        Ecuador (ITU and LME)
>>Hong Kong (China & ITU Variants)
>>Israel *
>>ITU mode supports:
>>        Denmark
>>        Finland
>>        Germany
>>        Russia (ITU variant) *
>>        Hong Kong (ITU variant)
>>        South Africa (ITU variant)
>>Korea *
>>Malaysia *
>>Mexico (Telmex and Telnor) *
>>New Zealand *
>>Saudi Arabia
>>Note: All countries listed have been tested in house. Countries marked
>>a *
>>have also been successfully  tested in-country.
>>Mini Q&A
>>Q. What is R2 ?
>>A. R2 is a signaling system (Q.422) used by a number of countries
>>worldwide. This signaling system runs over an E1 Carrier (2.048Mb/s), containing 32 64Kb/s timeslots, of which, 30 timeslots can be used for digital modem calls.
>>Q. Does this feature require new hardware in the 3600?
>>A. No
>>Q. What network modules support this feature?
>>A. All the current 1/2 PRI NMs, including the new 1FE 1/2 PRI NM.
>>Q.Is the Cisco Dial-out Utility supported through an R2 connection?
>>A. Yes. Version 2 of the Cisco Dial-out Utility (available early
>>November) together with MICA Portware support Dial/Fax out through the R2 interface
>>Q. Is this R2 feature supported the Cisco 2600, 3620, and 3640?
>>A. The ability for Modem calls to be terminated through an R2 interface
>>is available for all platforms that support Cisco digital modems. This
>>currently limits R2 support to the 3640/3620
>>Q. Do I need a new version of the digital modem microcode to support R2?
>>A. No. All shipping versions of Portware are supported. For information
>>on Portware and instructions on downloading the latest version, please
>>visit: http://www.cisco.com/public/sw-center/sw-access.shtml.
>>Q. What IOS is required to utilize this feature?
>>A. IOS 12.0(1)T and above
>>Q. Can I support ISDN PRI R2, and CAS in the same chassis?
>>A. Yes, on a per network module basis. Each individual PRI NM can be
>>configured as R2,CAS or ISDN PRI.
>>Q. What countries will this R2 feature be available in?
>>A. At FCS, a subset of the 5300 supported R2 countries will be supported.
>>All Countries in the list above have been successfully tested internally.
>>Q. Will the new mixed media FE/PRI support R2?
>>A. Yes.
>>Q. Can two PRI/R2  links share one DM NM?
>>A. Yes. The pool of modems is available to all R2/PRI interfaces.
>>Sincerely yours,
>>Vladislav Nebolsine
>>Systems Engineer Trainee                  |           |
>>Cisco Systems Moscow                     |||         |||
>>e-mail: vnebolsi@cisco.com              |||||       |||||
>>phone:   +7 (095)961-1410           ..:|||||||:...:|||||||:..
>>fax:     +7 (095)961-1469           C i s c o    S y s t e m s

Dmitriy Yermakov, CCS SUT
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