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  POP3 via WEB.

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Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 15:32:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: Handles majordomo bounced mail <mailman@hub.freebsd.org>
To: freebsd-announce@hub.freebsd.org
Subject: The CommuniGate Pro server for FreeBSD


Stalker Announces the Commercial Release of their CommuniGate Pro Server 

Key Features:  Multi-platform Support 
               Industry-strength, highly scalable      
               Administration via the Web 
               Extensive multi-domain support 
               Unique IMAP multi-mailbox features 
               HTTP access to E-mail, built-in Web Mailer 
               Extensive Anti-Spam techniques 
               Mailing Lists with Web Access and Interactive Archive Search 

MILL VALLEY, CA - September 3rd, 1998 - Stalker Software, Inc. announces their
commercial release of CommuniGate Pro, a Unified Messaging Server supporting
multiple platforms, to add to their family of server applications which
include the popular Stalker Internet Mail Server and the CommuniGate Messaging
Server for MacOS.

CommuniGate Pro is designed for an entire range of systems - from small
offices on up to the major Internet providers. It inherits all the features
developed and successfully used in CommuniGate/MacOS and SIMS, but has added
real scalability in supporting hundreds of thousand of accounts while still
being easy on resources and set up demands.

Supports All Major Operating Systems

The CommuniGate Pro system is designed to run on Windows NT/9x, Linux, Sun
Solaris, FreeBSD, and upcoming Mac OS X Server. On all platforms the
CommuniGate Pro presents the same interface and uses the same file formats,
allowing any organization to switch server platforms in less than an hour.

Components and Features

CommuniGate Pro communication and access modules provide all types of
messaging services required for todays applications. The SMTP module sends and
receives messages via the Internet using ESMTP with DSN and multichannel
queuing.  The POP and IMAP modules implement the standard POP3 and IMAP4rev1
protocols as well as most known extensions to these protocols. This allows
virtually all mail applications to work with CommuniGate Pro mailboxes.  The
HTTP module supplements these modules with Web Access to user E-mail,
eliminating a need for mailer applications on client computers.  The RPOP
module can be used to retrieve mail from remote hosts via the POP3 protocol.

Web Based Interface

CommuniGate Pro is administered via Web interface and can be easily
configured, controlled, and monitored from any computer on the Internet using
any Web browser application. Installing and configuring CommuniGate Pro is
easy as the basic set up contains default pages where you simply insert your
domain names and then accounts information.

Administrators can monitor the Server status, create, update and modify user
accounts, check the status of the queued messages, delete and redirect
messages in the queue, update the communication modules settings, and
configure the full-featured built-in Router. 

Additional features of CommuniGate Pro include: support for dial-up client
mail systems with registered or virtual domains, simultaneous symmetric acces
to mailboxes with the IMAP, POP and Web components, full-featured mailing
list server with Web access and interactive archive search, Web interface to
user mailboxes and settings, user-configurable auto-response ("vacation")
messages as well as various automated mail processing rules, extensive routing
capabilities, a centralized Log for simple trouble shooting and much more.

The Web Interface is fully customizable to include anything from logos or
banner advertisements to company announcements.

Anti-Spam Features 

Stalker Software is known for the sophisticated Anti-Spam features in their
current mail servers, and CommuniGate Pro is no exception. These features
include: restricted relaying, black-listing IP addresses, domains and
individual accounts; return-path verification, and support for DNS-based
black-list servers (RBLs). 

Future Releases

The next major release scheduled for the fall of 1998 will include
implementation of an LDAP server, and the final versions of the Fax, Pager and 
UUCP modules.

In addition, for major ISPs, the CommuniGate Pro will offer direct links to
databases so those with huge user bases and/or huge mailing lists will be able
to keep all their account information, subscriber lists, and other data
directly in databases.

The CommuniGate Pro 3.0 (currently in alpha testing) will be able to use
external databases for mailbox storage, while providing the same IMAP/
POP/Web access to these mailboxes, making it an ideal solution for businesses
who need to track their communications.

Try Before You Buy

CommuniGate Pro is marketed in the same manner as the CommuniGate System for
the MacOS. There is a Free Trial Version available at <http://www.stalker.com/
CommuniGatePro/>.  This version is the actual software for purchase, but it
adds banners to the transferred messages. Stalker issues license "keys" that
should be entered into the server settings to disable these banners.

CommuniGate Pro Pricing packages are as follows:

       License                  Includes                     Price
     Professional    50 User License, 2 mailing lists      $499.00 USD
      Enterprise    1000 User License, 10 mailing lists   $1999.00 USD
           ISP      Unlimited User License, unlim lists   $4999.00 USD

>From now until December 1st 1998, Stalker is offering 20% off any license
purchase of CommuniGate Pro.  Stalker is also offering a 30% discount for
those who wish to upgrade from CommuniGate/MacOS to CommuniGate Pro.

Updates and support

The updated versions (both betas and finals) are posted on a regular basis.
Update information and free technical support are available via a fast-growin
mailing list cgatepro@stalker.com.

Stalker Software, Inc. develops and distributes networking and communication
software. The company was founded in Europe in 1991 and opened its U.S.
offices in 1993 at 655 Redwood Highway, Suite 275, Mill Valley, Calif. 94941.
For more information about Stalker Software and its products, please contact
Alice Liptrot, director of sales and marketing, at (800) 262-4722 or (415)
383-7164. She can also be contacted by fax at (415) 383-7461 or E-mail at 
<ali@stalker.com>. Visit the Stalker Software web site at 

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