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[inet-admins] Fw: NSI Bulletin 098-003 | ARIN Announcement

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-----Original Message-----
From: Chuck Gomes <chuckg@internic.net>
To: NANOG <nanog@merit.edu>
Date: 16  1998 . 19:46
Subject: NSI Bulletin 098-003 | ARIN Announcement

>Effective immediately, information about networks,
>autonomous system numbers, and inverse addressing
>records will only  be available from ARIN's Whois
>servers via telnet at WHOIS.ARIN.NET.  The Whois
>database managed for the InterNIC by Network Solutions
>will no longer be the authoritative source for IP numbers,
>autonomous system numbers and inverse addressing
>On December 22, 1997 the American Registry for
>Internet Numbers (ARIN) assumed responsibility for IP address
>allocation and network registration functions previously
>performed by the InterNIC.  As part of the process to separate
>ARIN from the InterNIC, services related to IP address
>allocations, autonomous system numbers and inverse addressing
>are no longer available from InterNIC Registration
>Services.  Changes and updates to these records
>need to be made by contacting ARIN via e-mail
>at hostmaster@arin.net.
>NOTE:  the WHOIS database maintained by InterNIC
>Registration Services (Network Solutions, Inc.) will
>remain as the authoritative source for .COM, .NET,
>.ORG and .EDU domain name information.  In some cases,
>such as updates to host records, it may be necessary
>to file an update request with the InterNIC and also
>ARIN.  For example the IP address of a host record
>may need to be updated with InterNIC Registration
>Services and a request may need to be made to update
>the inverse addressing records maintained by ARIN.
>Information about Network Solutions, Inc is available
>at http://www.netsol.com.  Information about ARIN
>is available at http://www.arin.net.
>Chuck Gomes
>Director of Customer Programs
>Network Solutions, Inc.

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