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Народ, как это перекрыть? Спаммеры становятся все изощреннее... Тут оба
имени fake, релей такой, что его не перекроешь... Есть мысли?

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>Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 17:19:02 +0300
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>Почтение, Юрий!
>Извини, что вынужден опять тебя побеспокоить ;)
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>To: gabby4you@bmtc.mindspring.com
>Subject: $36,000 in 14 weeks!
>Reply-To: Nickel49@hotmail.com
>| От: Nickel49@hotmail.com
>| Кому: gabby4you@bmtc.mindspring.com
>| Тема: $36,000 in 14 weeks!
>| Дата: 6 февраля 1998 г. 14:11
>| X-Info:Responsible Emailer Using The Remove List At
>| X-Info:Sent using A.I.A.T (FREEWARE)
>| X-Info:See End Of Email For Free Copy And Download Address
>| I Never Thought I'd Be the One Telling You This:
>|                     I Actually Read a Piece of E-Mail & I'm Going to
>Europe on the Proceeds!
>| Hello!
>| My name is Karen Liddell; I'm a 35-year-old mom, wife, and part-time
>accountant. As a rule, I delete all unsolicited "junk"
>| e-mail and use my account primarily for business. I received what I
>assumed was this same e-mail countless times and deleted
>| it each time.
>| About two months ago I received it again and, because of the catchy
>subject line, I finally read it. Afterwards, I thought , "OK,
>| I give in, I'm going to try this. I can certainly afford to invest $20
>and, on the other hand, there's nothing wrong with creating a
>| little excess cash." I promptly mailed four $5 bills and, after receiving
>the reports, paid a friend of mine a small fee to send out
>| some e-mail advertisements for me. After reading the reports, I also
>learned how easy it is to bulk e-mail for
>| free! 
>| I was not prepared for the results. Everyday for the last six weeks, my
>P.O. box has been overflowing with $5 bills; many days
>| the excess fills up an extra mail bin and I've had to upgrade to the
>corporate-size box! I am stunned by all the money that
>| keeps rolling in!
>| My husband and I have been saving for several years to make a substantial
>downpayment on a house. Now, not only are we
>| purchasing a house with 40% down, we're going to Venice, Italy to
>| I promise you, if you follow the directions in this e-mail and be
>prepared to eventually set aside about an hour each day to
>| follow up (and count your money!), you will make at least as much money
>as we did. You don't need to be a wiz at the
>| computer, but I'll bet you already are. If you can open an envelope,
>remove the money, and send an e-mail message, then
>| you're on your way to the bank. Take the time to read this so you'll
>understand how easy it is. If I can do this, so can you!
>| Karen Liddell
>| The following is a copy of the e-mail I read:
>|                          This is a LEGAL, MONEY-MAKING PHENOMENON.
>|                       PRINT this letter, read the directions, THEN READ
>| You are about to embark on the most profitable and unique program you may
>ever see. Many times over, it has demonstrated
>| and proven its ability to generate large amounts of cash. This program is
>showing fantastic appeal with a huge and
>| ever-growing on-line population desirous of additional income.
>| This is a legitimate, LEGAL, money-making opportunity. It does not
>require you to come in contact with people, do any hard
>| work, and best of all, you never have to leave the house, except to get
>the mail and go to the bank! 
>| "This truly is that lucky break you've been waiting for! Simply follow
>the easy instructions in this letter, and your financial
>| dreams can come true! When followed correctly, this electronic,
>multi-level marketing program works perfectly...100%
>| Thousands of people have used this program to:
>| - Raise capital to start their own business
>| - Pay off debts
>| - Buy homes, cars, etc., 
>| - Even retire! 
>| "This is your chance, so don't pass it up!"
>|                               OVERVIEW OF THIS EXTRAORDINARY 
>| Basically, this is what we do:
>| We send thousands of people a product for $5.00 that costs next to
>nothing to produce and e-mail. As with all multi-level
>| businesses, we build our business by recruiting new partners and selling
>our products. Every state in the U.S. allows you to
>| recruit new multi- level business online (via your computer).
>| The products in this program are a series of four business and financial
>reports costing $5.00 each. Each order you receive via
>| "snail mail" will include:
>| * $5.00 cash
>| * The name and number of the report they are ordering
>| * The e-mail address where you will e-mail them the report they ordered.
>| To fill each order, you simply e-mail the product to the buyer. THAT'S
>IT! The $5.00 is yours! This is the EASIEST
>| electronic multi-level marketing business anywhere! 
>|                                ******* I N S T R U C T I O N S *******
>| This is what you MUST do:
>| 1. Order all 4 reports shown on the list below (you can't sell them if
>you don't order them).
>| * For each report, send $5.00 CASH, the NAME & NUMBER OF THE 
>| RETURN POSTAL ADDRESS (in case of a problem) to the person whose 
>| name appears on the list next to the report.
>| * When you place your order, make sure you order each of the four
>| reports. You will need all four reports so that you can save them
>| on your computer and resell them.
>| * Within a few days you will receive, via e-mail, each of the four
>| Save them on your computer so they will be accessible for you to send 
>| to the 1,000's of people who will order them from you.
>| 2. IMPORTANT-- DO NOT alter the names of the people who are listed next 
>| to each report, or their sequence on the list, in any way other than is
>| instructed below in steps "a" through "d" or you will lose out on the
>| majority of your profits. Once you understand the way this works, you'll 
>| also see how it doesn't work if you change it. Remember, this method 
>| has been tested, and if you alter it, it will not work.
>| a. Look below for the listing of available reports.
>| b. After you've ordered the four reports, replace the name and address 
>| under REPORT #1 with your name and address, moving the one that 
>| was there down to REPORT #2. 
>| c. Move the name and address that was under REPORT #2 down to 
>| REPORT #3. 
>| d. Move the name and address that was under REPORT #3 down to 
>| REPORT #4. 
>| e. The name and address that was under REPORT #4 is removed from
>| the list and has NO DOUBT collected a very large sum of money.
>|                    Please make sure you copy everyone's name and address
>| 3. Take this entire letter, including the modified list of names, and
>| it to your computer. Make NO changes to the instruction portion of this 
>| letter.
>| 4. Now you're ready to start an advertising campaign on the
>| WORLDWIDE WEB! Advertising on the WEB is very, very inexpensive,
>| and there are HUNDREDS of FREE places to advertise. Another
>| avenue which you could use for advertising is e-mail lists. 
>| You can buy these lists for under $20/2,000 addresses or you
>| can pay someone a minimal charge to take care of it for you. 
>| 5. For every $5.00 you receive, all you must do is e-mail them the report
>| ON ALL ORDERS! This will guarantee that the e-mail THEY send out,
>| with YOUR name and address on it, will be prompt because they can't
>| advertise until they receive the report!
>|                                     AVAILABLE REPORTS
>|                        ***Order Each REPORT by NUMBER and NAME***
>| Notes:
>| - Make sure the cash is concealed by wrapping it in at least two sheets
>of paper 
>| - On one of those sheets of paper, include: (a) the number & name of the
>report you are ordering, (b) your e-mail address,
>| and (c) your postal address.
>| _________________________________________________________________
>| KBL
>| P.O. Box 624-4960
>| Irvine, CA 92616-4960
>| _________________________________________________________________
>| TLK Enterprises
>| 1439 North Berwick
>| Indianapolis, IN 46222
>| _________________________________________________________________
>| MEV
>| PO Box 5153
>| GREENWICH, CT 06831
>| _________________________________________________________________
>| Pat Owens
>| 309 Teakwood Dr.
>| Monroe, LA 71203
>|                                HERE'S AN EXAMPLE OF HOW THIS 
>|                             AMAZING PLAN CAN MAKE YOU $MONEY$
>| Let's say you decide to start small just to see how well it works. Assume
>your goal is to get 10 people to participate on your
>| first level. (Placing a lot of FREE ads on the internet will EASILY get a
>larger response.) Also assume that everyone else in
>| YOUR ORGANIZATION gets ONLY 10 downline members. Follow this example to
>achieve the STAGGERING results
>| below.
>| 1st level--your 10 members with
>| 2nd level--10 members from those 10 ($5 x 100)..................$500
>| 3rd level--10 members from those 100 ($5 x 1,000)..........$5,000
>| 4th level--10 members from those 1,000 ($5 x 10,000)...$50,000
>| THIS TOTALS ----------->$55,550
>| Remember friends, this assumes that the people who participate only
>recruit 10 people each. Think for a moment what would
>| happen if they got 20 people to participate! Most people get 100's of
>participants! THINK ABOUT IT!
>| Your cost to participate in this is practically nothing (surely you can
>afford $20). You obviously already have an internet
>| connection and e-mail is FREE!!! REPORT#3 shows you the most productive
>methods for bulk e-mailing and purchasing
>| e-mail lists. Some list & bulk e-mail vendors even work on trade!
>|              About 250,000 new people get online every month, just on one
>service alone!
>|                               *******TIPS FOR SUCCESS*******
>| * TREAT THIS AS YOUR BUSINESS! Be prompt, professional, and follow 
>| the directions accurately.
>| * Send for the four reports IMMEDIATELY so you will have them when 
>| the orders start coming in because:
>| When you receive a $5 order, you MUST send out the requested
>| product/report to comply with the U.S. Postal & Lottery Laws, Title
>| 18,Sections 1302 and 1341 or Title 18, Section 3005 in the U.S. Code,
>| also Code of Federal Regs. vol. 16, Sections 255 and 436, which state 
>| that "a product or service must be exchanged for money received."
>| * Be patient and persistent with this program. If you follow the 
>| instructions exactly, the results WILL undoubtedly be SUCCESSFUL!
>|                             *******YOUR SUCCESS GUIDELINE*******
>| Here are some guidelines to follow that can better guarantee your
>| If you don't receive 10 to 20 orders for REPORT #1 within two weeks,
>continue advertising until you do. Then, a couple of
>| weeks later you should receive at least 100 orders for REPORT #2. If you
>don't, continue advertising until you do. Once you
>| have received 100 or more orders for REPORT #2, YOU CAN RELAX, because
>the system is already working for you, and
>| the cash will continue to roll in!
>| Every time your name is moved down on the list, you are placed in front
>of a DIFFERENT report. You can KEEP TRACK
>| of your PROGRESS by watching which report people are ordering from you.
>If you want to generate more income, send
>| another batch of e-mails (500,000 or more) and start the whole process
>again! There is no limit to the income you will
>| generate from this business! You can also ask a qualified bulk e-mailer
>for tips on what is working the best. Find out if he or
>| she is participating in the pro
>| gram.
>| NOTE: If you need help with starting a business, registering a business
>name, how income tax is handled, etc., contact your local office of the
>| Small Business Administration (a Federal agency) for free help and
>answers to questions. Also, the Internal Revenue Service offers free help
>| via telephone and free seminars about business taxes.
>|                             *******T E S T I M O N I A L S*******
>| This program does work, but you must follow it EXACTLY! Especially the
>rule of not trying to place your name in a different position, it won't
>| work and you'll lose a lot of potential income. I'm living proof that it
>works. It really is a great opportunity to make relatively easy money, with
>| little cost to you. If you do choose to participate, follow the program
>exactly, and you'll be on your way to financial security. 
>| Sean McLaughlin, Jackson, MS
>| My name is Frank. My wife, Doris, and I live in Bel-Air, MD. I am a cost
>accountant with a major U.S. Corporation and I make pretty good
>| money. When I received the program I grumbled to Doris about receiving
>"junk mail." I made fun of the whole thing, spouting my knowledge
>| of the population and percentages involved. I "knew" it wouldn't work.
>Doris totally ignored my supposed intelligence and jumped in with
>| both feet. I made merciless fun of her, and was ready to lay the old "I
>told you so" on her wh
>| en the thing didn't work... well, the laugh was on me! Within two weeks
>she had received over 50 responses. Within 45 days she had received
>| over $147,200 in $5 bills! I was shocked! I was sure that I had it all
>figured and that it wouldn't work. I AM a believer now. I have joined Doris
>| her "hobby." I did have seven more years until retirement, but I think of
>the "rat race" and it's not for me. We owe it all to MLM.
>| Frank T., Bel-Air, MD
>| I just want to pass along my best wishes and encouragement to you. Any
>doubts you have will vanish when your first orders come in. I even
>| checked with the U.S. Post Office to verify that the plan was legal. It
>definitely is! IT WORKS!!!
>| Paul Johnson, Raleigh, NC
>| The main reason for this letter is to convince you that this system is
>honest, lawful, extremely profitable, and is a way to get a large amount of
>| money in a short time. I was approached several times before I checked
>this out. I joined just to see what one could expect in return for the
>| minimal effort and money required. To my astonishment, I received
>$36,470.00 in the first 14 weeks, with money still coming in.
>| Sincerely yours, Phillip A. Brown, Esq.
>| Not being the gambling type, it took me several weeks to make up my mind
>to participate in this plan. But conservative that I am, I decided that
>| the initial investment was so little that there was just no way that I
>wouldn't get enough orders to at least get my money back. Boy, was I
>| surprised when I found my medium-size post office box crammed with
>orders! For awhile, it got so overloaded that I had to start picking up my
>| mail at the window. I'll make more money this year than any 10 years of
>my life
>| before. The nice thing about this deal is that it doesn't matter where in
>the U.S. the people live. There simply isn't a better investment with a
>| faster return.
>| Mary Rockland, Lansing, MI
>| I had received this program before. I deleted it, but later I wondered if
>I shouldn't have given it a try. Of course, I had no idea who to contact to
>| get another copy, so I had to wait until I was e-mailed another
>program...11 months passed then it came...I didn't delete this one!...I
>made more
>| than $41,000 on the first try!!
>| D. Wilburn, Muncie, IN
>| This is my third time to participate in this plan. We have quit our jobs,
>and will soon buy a home on the beach and live off the interest on our
>| money. The only way on earth that this plan will work for you is if you
>do it. For your sake, and for your family's sake don't pass up this golden
>| opportunity. Good luck and happy spending!
>| Charles Fairchild, Spokane, WA
>|                          ORDER YOUR REPORTS TODAY AND GET 
>|                                 STARTED ON YOUR ROAD TO 
>|                                    FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!
>| *** Get The A.I.A.T Bulk Emailer FREE - Where To Get it ***
>| *** FAX/CALL +1 212 2082904 (US) or FAX +44 (01772) 492507 (UK) ***
>| *** Or Download From FireFox Freeware ***
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