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Re: Frame Pelay and Cisco (Was: Re: [inet-admins] , .. :))

Dmitri Bourkov wrote:
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Michael A. Kiselev ?kiselev@appl.sci-nnov.ru?
> To: inet-admins@east.ru ?inet-admins@east.ru?
> Date: 16 октября 1997 г. 19:05
> Subject: Re: Frame Pelay and Cisco (Was: Re: [inet-admins] , .. :))
> ?? ?? Hi!
> ?? ??
> ?? ?
> ?? ?А что - traffic shape на Frame Relay DLCI в Cisco заработал?
> ??
> ?? значит, я не сумасшедший
> ?
> ?Совсем нет. Более того, В Cisco Systems об этом прекрасно знают и исправлять
> ?даже не собираются.
> Нет, вроде бы, обещали...
Если это об этом, то должно работать.

Headline                Frame Relay rate enforcement is not effective
Product                 all     Model
Component               fr
Severity                2
Status                  R
Version Found           11.2(1)
Fixed-in Version        11.2(8)
 Release Notes

 The Frame Relay traffic shaping and per-VC queuing features do not
 operate correctly. When you configure the
 frame-relay traffic-shape command,
 the required initialization does not occur as expected. The result is
 that the specified rates for transmission are not observed and the
 defined queuing method is not properly configured. There is currently
 workaround. You are therefore advised not to configure this feature.
 This problem does not affect the interface-independent traffic shaping


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