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[inet-admins] Fw: WARNING - all Moscow-M9 equipment will be turn off for approx. 1 h.

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Ilya Shulman   ish@east.ru        +7-095-956-4951 ISH-RIPN
East Connection ISP, Moscow, Russia. http://www.east.ru

-----Original Message-----
From: Alex P. Rudnev <alex@Relcom.EU.net>
To: ip-customers@Relcom.EU.net <ip-customers@Relcom.EU.net>
Date: 16 ieoya?y 1997 a. 12:05
Subject: WARNING - all Moscow-M9 equipment will be turn off for approx. 1 h.

>Todays, 16-Oct-1997, due to mounting work (we out to move UPS from one
>corner to another) we plan to turn off all MOSCOW-M9 equipment for approx
>1h, starting at 18:00.
>We plan to turn on some equipment by temporary scheme.
>All this means:
>- total forein connectivity interruption for ALL moscos's customers for
>approx. 15 minutes (I hope) twice (in the beginning and in the end of this
>mounting work);
>- total connectivity interruption for those customers who are plugged
>into Moscow-M9 equipment (except RACK # 1; this means - except M9-2,
>M9-11, and some other routers) for approx 1 - 2 h (they promise to
>complete all work in 1 h, but we must be ready to any troubles);
>Get our apology for inconveniences.
>Aleksei Roudnev, Network Operations Center, Relcom, Moscow
>(+7 095) 194-19-95 (Network Operations Center Hot Line),(+7 095) 239-10-10,
N 13729 (pager)
>(+7 095) 196-72-12 (Support), (+7 095) 194-33-28 (Fax)

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