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[inet-admins] Gmm, what's the ass it is

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From: jamie <jamie@comet.net>
To: usual suspects: ; <usual suspects: ;>
Date: 2  1997 . 11:34
Subject: NEWS: MCI Acquired by Cyber Promotions (fwd)

>---------- Forwarded message ----------
>Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 00:28:16 -0700
>From: Mike Gilbert <mgilbert@HUSKY.SCHDIST81.BC.CA>
>Dateline-New York:
>Trading in MCI was temporarily halted today when a public announcement that
>Cyber Promotions had beaten out competition from Worldcomm and British
>Telecom to acquire MCI.
>CP reportedly won the bidding war by offering 650 billion shares in Cyber
>Promotions stock and a dozen cases of SPAM to each member of MCI's board.
>Wall Street was taken completely offguard by this development although it
>has been rumoured on the street that CP's president has been looking for a
>means to secure sufficient communication capacity to accomodate the
>corporation's present and future requirements.
>The merger will see the creation of SpaMCI.  CP's president, contacted at
>company headquarters in Papua New Guinea, had no comment.
>Cyber promotions can be contacted at it's email address:
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