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Re: [inet-admins] Fw: FTP compromise.

> At 14:38 10.09.97 +0400, you wrote:
> >> CONSEQUENCES:   These vary.  On my FreeBSD 2.2 box I was able to eat up
> >>                 all memory and swap memory until the kernel spewed
> >>                 "out of swap space" errors and killed a few processes.
> >>                 It also eats up all available CPU space (up to 99.22%
> >>                 on my box).  If repeated a few times you will no
> >>                 longer use up swap space and the processor usage will
> >>                 rocket and stay there for quite a while (hours).
> Вообще, я бы не разрешал процессам расти больше: чем заведомо свободный
> объем свопа.
Чем? Инструмент?

> А с таким ограничением ftpd в такой ситуации просто сдохнет. Неприятно, но
> не DoS
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East Connection ISP, Moscow, Russia.

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