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[inet-admins] Rostelecom


                                 WAIS Gateway
   Here is the result of your search using the keyword(s) "Rostelecom":
   1: inetnum: -
          Score: 1000, Lines: 12, Type: unknown
   2: inetnum: -
          Score: 849, Lines: 13, Type: unknown
   3: person: Sergey P. Smirnov
          Score: 824, Lines: 13, Type: unknown
   4: aut-num: AS8342
          Score: 637, Lines: 16, Type: unknown
   5: inetnum: -
          Score: 605, Lines: 13, Type: unknown
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Registry , AS - ... :)
     ,   - ... :)

aut-num:     AS8342
as-name:     RIC-AS
descr:       Rostelecom Internet Center's Autonomous System
descr:       Moscow/Russia
as-in:       from AS3561 50 accept ANY
as-in:       from AS701 50 accept ANY
as-out:      to AS3561 announce AS8342
as-out:      to AS701 announce AS8342
default:     AS3561 50
admin-c:     MAZ1-RIPE
tech-c:      SI12-RIPE
mnt-by:      AS8342-MNT
changed:     max@centro.ru 970603
changed:     hostmaster@ripe.net 970611
source:      RIPE

person:      Maxime A Zharenov
address:     JSC Compress&Comm
address:     Bolshoy Karetny per, 19, GSP-4
address:     Moscow, Russia
phone:       +7 095 928 6401
e-mail:      max@centro.ru
nic-hdl:     MAZ1-RIPE
changed:     max@centro.ru 970218
source:      RIPE

person:      Sherin Ibrahim
address:     EUnet AG
address:     Zweierstrasse 35
address:     Zuerich
address:     CH-8004
phone:       +4112986030
fax-no:      +4112914642
e-mail:      sherin@eunet.ch
nic-hdl:     SI12-RIPE
changed:     mw@eunet.ch 970618
source:      RIPE

Route-    ,    ... :)
  ... :)

inetnum: -
netname:     ROSTELECOM-NET
descr:       Rostelecom Internet Center (RIC)
descr:       Part of JSC Rostelecom - primary international telecommunications
descr:       carrier of the Rissian Federation.
descr:       This network connects routers on RIC's ATM backbone.
country:     RU
admin-c:     MAZ1-RIPE
tech-c:      SI12-RIPE
status:      ASSIGNED PA
changed:     max@centro.ru 970602
source:      RIPE

inetnum: -
netname:     RU-ROSTELECOM-970605
descr:       Rostelecom Internet Center (RIC)
country:     RU
admin-c:     IIM1-RIPE
admin-c:     MAZ1-RIPE
tech-c:      OB36-RIPE
status:      ALLOCATED PA
mnt-by:      RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
changed:     hostmaster@ripe.net 970605
source:      RIPE

person:      Igor I. Marin
address:     7, Butlerova st.
address:     117485, Moscow
address:     Russia
phone:       +007 095 339-2633
fax-no:      +007 095 339-2891
e-mail:      imarin@mail.rostelecomint.ru
nic-hdl:     IIM1-RIPE
notify:      noc@msu.ru
changed:     asm@msu.ru 961224
source:      RIPE

person:      Oleg N. Bondarev
address:     Russian Institute for Public Networks
address:     1 Kurchatov square
address:     123182 Moscow
address:     Russia
phone:       +7 095 196 7268
fax-no:      +7 095 196 4984
e-mail:      bon@ripn.net
nic-hdl:     OB36-RIPE
notify:      bon@ripn.net
changed:     bon@ripn.net 960214
source:      RIPE

 -, ... :)
Basil (Vasily)  Dolmatov   dol@east.ru        +7-095-956-4951

East Connection ISP, Moscow, Russia. (http://www.east.ru)

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