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Re: [apache-talk] Как скопировать файл?

In <199901261545.SAA08168@netclub.ru> Andrey Gerasimov (andy@netclub.ru) wrote:
AG> Khimenko Victor wrote:

>> >> makeindex >index.html.$$
>> >> mv -f index.html index.html.old
>> >> mv -f index.html.$$ index.html
>> >> rm -f index.html.old
>> OB>    А объяснения где? Зачем нужен
>> OB> mv -f index.html index.html.old
>> OB>    ???
>> Именно. AFAIK 1й и 3й строк вполне достаточно...

AG> hehe. joke. what if this file is open by httpd right now ?

Hm. And really: "what if this file is open by httpd right now?". How will it
affect makeindex or mv ??? I'm really puzzled -- it's perfectly legal to
remove opened file in *nix (it's not braindead Windows but real OS after all!).
Real removing will be posponed of course but `mv -f` should work just fine !
Or I'm misunderstood something ?

P.S. BTW why are we switched to English ?

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