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[filmscanners] Re: Dust brush for Polaroid 4000

Thanks for your description of the dust brush.  I want to make sure I
understand before risking placing a facsimile like it through my scanner.

If I understand correctly, the brush runs along the thin outer fin on
the lefthand underside of the slide carrier, and surrounds this fin
(sort of a U shape wrapping around the fin). Or is it a C shape wrapping
around the stop side and bottom edge?

Does it extend the full length of the carrier.  How thick is the brush's
foundation in cross section (in other words, how thick does it make that
fin (not including the "bristles") when it is attached?

I've made a poor ASCII art representation of how I visualize the cross
section of the brush (that rib in the center is the fin).  If this makes
any sense, can you measure the distance of the outside thickness of the
U channel and also the height (without the bristles

this distance
  |      |
 \|/ || \|/
  :  ||  :
 -|| || ||-  <--- "U" channel of brush foundation
 -|| || ||-
  //||||\\  <--- bristles

If I have misunderstood you, please correct me.

If you don't mind, and you have a digital camera, could you take a
couple of close ups at different angles and send them to me at:


Any assistance would be really appreciated.


halftone@troutcom.com wrote:

>I have one of the brushes for my SS4000, and I just now looked at it
>to see what it does. It rides/cleans the channel that the LEFT side
>of the slide carrier rides in. If you look at the bottom of the slide
>carrier you will see the left side has a thin fin as contrasted to
>the wide flat surface on the right side (the side with the gear
>The brush is a spiral "pipe cleaner" brush that cleans the channel
>the thin fin goes in. Because the brush is tubular, and its long axis
>is aligned with the length of the fin, I can't tell if it is cleaning
>the bottom, left, or right side of the channel the fin rides in. I
>suspect it cleans both sides, but that's just a guess.
>The centerline of the brush is aligned with the bottom of the fin,
>and the brush is about 1/8" diameter.

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