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[filmscanners] Re: Scanning B+W negatives

Hi Chris,

I used to load my black and white reels in a closet with a towel
blocking the light from the floor gap.  Sometimes it got hot and my
hands would get sweaty and then the film would get sticky.  Worse was if
the reel wasn't fully dry because I was running a bunch of film through,
or horrors I dropped the film after popping open the cassette.

Ultimately, I built a large, well sealed  and tar paper covered
darkroom, because I was also doing color work.  I have to dismantle it
since I can't do wet darkroom anymore.

I own a Minolta Dual Dimage II, which is a bit different than your
model, but to scan black and white in it, as I recall, I used to scan it
as a color negative.  I would then save the cleanest channel, which was
usually the green channel, and make it into a greyscale, and then invert
it.  This is from memory, since I haven't used the scanner in a long
time, as I have a Polaroid SS4000.

I suggest you try a few different approaches and see which seems to give
the best results with your particular scanner model.


Chris Aitken wrote:
> Hi Art,
> I sat there for most of the christmas break practising loading a film onto a
> reel in the changing bag. The pressure seems to double when you know it
> isn't a test film in there anymore (but a real one!).
> I'm using a Minolta Dimage Scan Dual (original ~2400ppi) dedicated film
> scanner, latest vuescan.
> I have tried (briefly) scanning as a B+W slide, then reversing in PS,
> scanning as a B+W neg (TMAX and XP2).
> Chris
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>>Sent: 05 January 2005 14:41
>>To: chris@ion-dreams.com
>>Subject: [filmscanners] Re: Scanning B+W negatives
>>Congratulations on developing your first B&W film.  I hope it was fun.
>>I can't do it anymore due to a sulfite allergy, but it was
>>usually an enjoyable part of the photographic process,
>>especially once I figured out how to load the reels correctly
>>in the dark ;-)
>>Some of the nature of the answer you request will depend upon
>>how you plan of scanning your negs.  Do you have a dedicated
>>film scanner, or a flatbed with transparency ability, and
>>what scanner and software will you be using?
>>Chris Aitken wrote:
>>>Happy New Year All,
>>>I have finally got round to developing my first B+W films -
>>an Ilford
>>>FP4+ & an HP5+.
>>>I have viewscan, and many webpages recommend different ways of
>>>scanning B+W negs. Does anyone here shoot Ilford B+W, and scan
>>>regularly? What settings do you use?
>>>I intend to shoot a lot of HP5+ in the winter, and maybe
>>move to FP4+
>>>in the lighter months.
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