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[filmscanners] Re: Hi bit discussion

> Ok, thanks.  While there may be such a program out there, I have not seen
> one for PC systems to the best of my knowledge; Photoshop definitely is not

There is such a program, it was mentioned here by me and others several times.
Picture Window Pro, unfortunately PC only. (download a 30 day trial from 
If you are used to Photoshop, you might have a hard time to adjust though.
Totally different workflow, no layer concept, geared towards photographers not
graphics artists and prepress work like photoshop.

> one of them for either Mac or PC since it only allows one to do a few
> functions in 16-bit.  The rest of the Photoshop operations like layers and
> channels, the use and application of many filter and plugins, and the
> employment of many of the tools support only 8-bit per channel (24-bit
> overall) files and will only work after you convert the 16-bit file to an
> 8-bit file.  I am sure the reason that it takes longer to do  many of the
> operations in high bit workflows within Photoshop is because the techniques
> that were suggested are essentially work-around solutions to the problem
> allowing for one to carry out factsimile operations somewhat similar to
> those that are straight forward operation in a PHotoshop low bit workflow.
None of these workarounds are needed with PWP.

Andreas Siegert

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