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[filmscanners] RE: [filmscanners_Digest] filmscanners Digest for Fri 27 Jun, 2003

While I am not Rob and I do not know anything about littlecms, I will offer
the following comments.

A) From what I have read and heard on this list concerning littlecms, it is
an application for calibrating and profiling one's monitor and is therefore
similar to the Adobe Gamma Control application that comes with Photoshop.
However, this is related but different from the color management functions -
e.g., CMS - of Photoshop or of the Windows OS for that matter.  The CMS or
color management system involves not only profiles but a color management
engine.  Photoshop has itsown CMS engine as does Windows XP; in operation,
you select to use one or the other engine when working with images in
Photoshop.  While color management is predicated on having a color
calibrated and profiled monitor, that is in itself not color management or a
part of the CMS - it is a basic prerequisite for using a CMS but not part of
it per se.

B) With respect to the workflow, most people convert the assigned color
profile embedded in the image file that one has imported into Photoshop into
a working color space like Adobe RGB 1998, Apple RGB, Bruce RGB, etc.
because those working spaces have wider gamuts than do the typical device
gnerated profiles or sRGB which many scanners and digital cameras default
to.  After you do your corrections and manipulations of the image and are
ready to send it to the printer, you have two choices:

        (1) You can select the working space as your source space and pick 
that working space or your custom printer color profile as your printer
space in the Photoshop printer dialog box and select the Photoshop color
management engine as your color management engine in the Photoshop color
settings file; while in the printer driver dialog box selecting no color
management or color adjustment.  This lets Photoshop do the color

        (2) On the other hand, you can make your source and printer color space
selections and pick Microsoft ICM in the Photoshop color settings file,
while selecting in your printer driver dialog box either the ICC profile
option which will default to using the Windows color management engine
instead of the Photoshop engine and the profile that you have assigned to
the printer in the Windows printer section, sRGB which will default to the
sRGB color space, or one of the other options in the printer driver dialog
box which will default to the printer driver as the color management engine
along with any generic profiles that it may use internally.

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Subject: [filmscanners] Re: [filmscanners_Digest] filmscanners Digest
for Fri 27 Jun, 2003

Hi Rob,

I'm using Windows XP Home OS. I am using Photoshop's Color Mgmt, but I'm not
sure I'm using it correctly. I'm not sure at which point to apply the color
profile: 1) when opening the image do I work on  it with the embedded
profile, or 2) do I convert it to RGB work space and apply the profile
before saving. I'm still waiting for the "aha!" experience in regards to
this process. I know you don't use PS, but maybe someone else out there can
shed some light for me.

 So what does littlecms do that PS CMS doesn't?Thanks

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Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 6:00 PM
Subject: [filmscanners_Digest] filmscanners Digest for Fri 27 Jun, 2003

> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> Topic: Calibration and color profiles
> ================================
> Hi Ron,
> You didn't mention what OS you're using?  If it's Windows, you need at le=
> ast
> 98SE to get any sort of colour management.  However, there's a colour man=
> agement
> system built into Photoshop.  I've read websites where certain users clai=
> m
> to get better results bypassing the Windows CMS and using only the PS CMS=
> .
>  I can't comment on that since as I mentioned previously, I don't use Pho=
> toshop.
> :(
> Rob
> -------------
> How do you know if you never try?
> (Rob Geraghty 25 June 2002)
> -=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-

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