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[filmscanners] Noise in Polaroid SS 4000 scans

  • To: lexa@www.lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] Noise in Polaroid SS 4000 scans
  • From: "HPA" <tom@historicphotoarchive.com>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 20:04:46 -0700
  • In-reply-to: <200306112316.QAA22044@technicaladvantage.net>
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Hello, I have same setup as you G4 SS4000 etc.,  IMHO the adaptec card is
NFG, regardless of OS9.1, 9.2, or X.2whatever. when i got rid of adaptec
most of my problems went away.  I just sold the old Adaptec card on ebay
last week and got $29.50 for it LOL!  Orange Micro grappler 906 made all
kinds of problems disappear. (be sure to download latest driver)

The scan on your website is no good.  I don't know why. Something is RONG.
I never did get a good scan off the Polaroid software.  Seems the only thing
it was good for was to check whether Silverfast or Vuescan was working OK or
not.  My scans with the Polaroid software always looked just like yours,
washed out, pixilated, huge blobs of what looked like clipped tidbits.  Your
scanner is way better than that. You should have got the silverfast bundled
with your scanner.  If you don't have it, download a trial version of
vuescan and spend enough time to figure it out, and you should not have to
put up with the kind of scan you have now. I use both Silverfast and Vuescan
all the time now, never use Polaroid insight unless something is rong and I
need to test. best of luck.
tom robinson

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