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[filmscanners] Re: help with opinions on film scanners nowScanningKodachrome

My only film/slide scanner is a little-used Polaroid SS4000 (not
"Plus"), and I'm glad to feel encouraged by Tom's post to keep it, if
perhaps only for my older Kodachromes.

I also have some older Ektachrome and Fujichome slides to scan. My
not-Plus SS4000 seems to me to do those as well as Kodachrome. But
maybe only because I haven't been mounting any of the three for
scanning as Tom does. I hope to pull my socks up in that regard now
that I know how he does it.

Until I saw Tom's post, I was thinking about replacing my not-Plus
SS4000 (perhaps with a Plus) in hopes of more often being able to
print, even after cropping, at about 11x14, both from older slides
and from current film. (11x14 is about the largest I can mount and
mat at home.) So I'd like to ask two follow-up questions.

One is whether the 4000 Plus would do as well as the not-Plus 4000
with the older slides? (I assume it wouldn't do much if any better or
Tom would be using it.)

The other is whether a scanner which scans larger than 35mm film (not
that I have any larger film to scan) would also scan contemporary
35mm film/slides better than the best of the current 4000-spi

I guess the Nikon 8000, the Polaroid 120, and the new Minolta would
be the contenders. But I've always assumed I'd shoot only 35mm, so I
haven't kept up with these larger scanners because I hate to pay for
something I don't need. But I also want the best 35mm scans I can
afford, and I'm not sure how much more the 35mm scanners are going to
improve anytime soon.



>I scan vintage Koadchrome slides on Polaroid SS4000.

[big snip]

>I am making 13x19 enlargements and they are outstanding quality.  Tack sharp
>from corner to corner.  The better slides have great economic value as
>publication and digital print sales and your time spent doing this work is
>well worth the effort.
>good luck
>Tom Robinson

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