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[filmscanners] Re: LS-2000 Tear-apart

Les Berkley wrote:
> Could someone repost the URL for the Nikon LS-2000 tear-apart
> instructions? I've got to get in there and clean the bloody optics...

I see that a couple of people have posted the URL you asked for.

But before you get out your screwdriver, why not clean the mirror
WITHOUT opening the case -- here is the description Anthony Atkielski
posted last year:

[Anthony Atkielski, filmscanners list, 10 September 2002]

> My LS-30 (also known as the Coolscan III) has
> been producing progressively foggier and darker
> scans from both slide and negative for about
> six months now. It clearly needs some sort of
> internal clean or a service.

The mirror is probably dirty.  You can clean that yourself (I do it all
the time, on both the LS-30 and the LS-2000).

Open the door to the scanner, but do not insert any of the adapters.
Turn the scanner on.  After making the usual noises, the scanner will
advance the scan head towards the front of the scanner.  Just before it
reaches the end of its travel, turn the scanner off; the head will
stop. Now you can clean the front-silvered mirror that reflects light
to the lens (the lens itself usually doesn't get dirty).  I use a
cotton swab moistened with a bit of Kodak lens cleaning fluid, followed
by a dry cotton swab.

Be gentle; you don't need to scrub it, you just need to gently wash the
accumulated dust out of the way.  Once the mirror is clean and dry
again, you can try it out.  If the mirror had a lot of dust on it, the
improvement will be amazing.

Usually the mirror has to have quite a coating of dust before you'll
see haziness in scans.  It took a long time for me to discover the
problem the first time it happened, because the accumulation of dust is
so gradual and takes so long to show up in scan results.

If that doesn't work, you'll have to take it in for service.  But it
has always worked for me.

The lens itself and other parts apparently never need cleaning.  I
guess all the dust settles on the mirror because of the way it faces

Peter Marquis-Kyle

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