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[filmscanners] Re: keeping the 16bit scans; now=HD longevityOT

What you are seeing on american television is not what the rest of the world
is seeing, although that may change soon as US journalist are getting fed up
with media censorship and are also are leaving the million dollar media camp
at As Sayliya. To a question asked by Micheal Wolff of the New York
magazine, general Vincent Brooks reply that he did not pretend to tell the
whole truth about this war and that journalist should seek other sources!!!

Decapitated children in the streets of Bagdad by US so-called chirurgical
strikes is not an advancement of democracy. And today's news of scared US
soldiers shooting up a car containing 13 women and children (7 dead, 2
wounded)  do not advance american cause in the middle east. You should see
the anger of the Iraqi people towards the US. They hate Sadam but they hate
the US even more.

And now Rumsfeld is stirring up troubles with Syria even though US brigadier
general Vincent Brooks has refuted Rumsfeld claims about night vision gear
alledgedly supplied by Syria to Iraqi soldiers. Watch for Rumsfeld to get
the boot by influent republican party members who will want to show that
president Bush was ill advised going into this war!!! (Rumsfeld initially
wanted to go into Iraq with only 50,000 US troops!)

And  I can assure you that no intelligent US soldier is sleeping inside
their vehicle now. In fact weekend newspapers had a photo of a US soldier
getting out of his foxhole at dawn to put his sleeping bag back into a

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From: "Lloyd O'Daniel" <lodaniel@bham.rr.com>
To: <am1000@videotron.ca>
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 10:44 AM
Subject: [filmscanners] RE: keeping the 16bit scans; now=HD longevityOT

Our wrath is directed at enemy SOLDIERS. Getting shot at is part of the
business of being a soldier. Saddam's forces target their civilians and,
indirectly, ours. Big difference. Besides, your facts are wrong. Our bombing
has reduced the effectiveness of the Republican Guard units by 50%. That
doesn't mean that they have taken 50% casualties. It means tanks, artillery
pieces, ammunition dumps, fuel, etc., reducing their ability to wage war by
half. I can assure you that no intelligent Iraqi soldier is sleeping inside
their vehicle now.

At least your last name and your anti-USA point of view is consistent.


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