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[filmscanners] Re: OT - Epson 1280 ink "monitor"...

The ink monitors estimate the ink usage.  How accurately is open to some

Your #3 option is where the ink is going, as all the heads are purges
each time the ink cleaning cycles occurs, unless you are doing it via
software, which may (depending upon the model) offer one head cleaning.

These purging cycles do use up ink, I think I read about 2-4% per
cycles, depending upon which type of cycle the machine goes through.

If indeed you only use black ink for this printer, you may want to
replace the color cartridge with a refill unit that has just cleaning
liquid in it, if that won't harm the heads long-term.  It will keep the
color head from clogging and save cost of ink.


Austin Franklin wrote:

> Perhaps someone here can explain this...  I have an Epson 1280.  I have been
> using it to print documents that require only black ink, and selecting in
> the driver for it to print black only...and the documents are word
> documents, that have black text only.
> Well, the color ink has been steadily going down, according to the ink
> monitor!  Again, I haven't printed a THING that doesn't use black ink
> only...and in fact, I can keep printing, even though it claim the color inks
> are out, because the documents I am printing only use black ink.
> So, where did this ink go?  I see three options:
> 1) the ink "monitor" has a bug.
> 2) the printer still uses color inks even though black only is selected.
> 3) since it decides on its own to do cleaning cycles every now and then,
> it's basically
>       using the colored inks running cleaning cycles.
> 4) it takes evaporation into consideration ;-)
> I'm skeptical of #2, as I can still print black only documents.  I'd guess
> #3, but really, that's a LOT of ink to just piss away on cleaning cycles,
> literally 1/4 of the cartridges and the black has gone down 1/4th, which is
> being used.
> Hum.  Anyone else notice this type of thing, or have any other theories?
> Austin

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