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[filmscanners] RE: Newish Digital Tech


> I am speaking about the images I have seen, as I stated.  Others may
> look at the same images by doing a google search and looking at them.
> There is a very long and detailed article at:
> http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sigmasd9/
> The images and comparisons to a CCD camera (a Canon EOS-D60) start with
> page 19 of the review and continue for several pages.
> http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sigmasd9/page19.asp
> (this link may not work, you may have to go to the earlier url and then
> use the drop down menu to get to page 19 or above)

Thank you, Ill take a look at them.

> > Are you a shill for Foveon?
> You are getting close to libel again, Austin.

Youre being WAY too sensitive.  It was asked tongue in cheek...and was a
question, not a declarative statement.  I did not accuse you of anything.

I dont see how a question can be construed as libel anyway.  Do you know
that it can?  Have you heard of some precedent case where asking a question
of someone has been judged to be libel?  It would be interesting to
know...though the way our society is going, I wouldnt be surprised to find
out it has!

> My eyes say it solves some, even many, of the CCD problems in color
> digital camera use.

Specifically, what?

> I think
> the concept of the chip is elegant and brilliant in its simplicity of
> design, and that the future of image capture will benefit from this
> technology being available.

Id say thats true.

> Yes, of course, Austin, I "forgot", you always know and understand
> everything fully...

Well, no, I dont, and never said I did.  I know what I know, but I also
know what I dont know.  I dont understand how the Foveon works fully, that
s why I ask a lot of questions about it.  I have gotten mostly party line
Foveon generated answers/hype, and also some good information from others
who seem to have the same questions I do, and are thinking outside of the
party line.

> and the vast majority of the rest of us are simpletons
> and idiots who are prey to misinformation and BS.

Hum.  If you are speaking of a general populous, I would agree.  I dont
think that is the case of people on this list certainly.  Though not
everyone here knows enough to know how to separate hype from reality WRT
digital imaging claims and its certainly to be expected that some of this
stuff is over peoples heads...even on this list.

> Thank you so much for
> saving us from our folly.

I always try to do my best ;-)


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