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[filmscanners] RE: Newish Digital Tech

Er, Arthur???

>  From the sample images I have seen on the web, the Foveon X3 chip is a
> tremendous improvement over the artifact ridden and slow to capture
> bayer pattern CCD for digital camera capture.

WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?  Are you a shill for Foveon?  Your post
sounds like you copied it from their ad copy...

Without getting into this too deep right now, the Foveon solves NO problems
at all, and the issues they bring up with Bayer pattern sensors are either
long ago solved or simply non-existent.  The fact is, the images from the
Foveon are no better than images from comparable Bayer pattern imaging

Yes, the idea is nice, but it has issues, and isn't as panaceic as people
want it to be.  It, for some reason, is similar to the digital vs film
debate...lots of misinformation and misunderstanding and simply BS.



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