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[filmscanners] Re: need your older Nikon film scannersrecommendations

Michael, both Ramesh and I are pointing out a possible flaw in your
purchasing plan.  No, it does not directly answer your question.

It is somewhat like someone asking what type of rocket fuel they need to
put into their car to get to the moon, and someone kindly pointing out
that the vehicle they wish to use might be more likely to simply explode
than to get them anywhere near the moon.

Buying a used scanner on ebay is very possibly false economy, but is you
are dead set to do so, good luck.


Michael Eisenstadt wrote:

> Nagaraj, Ramesh wrote:
>>When it comes to scanner its better/safe to go for NEW scanner with 
>manufactures warrenty.
>>The reason is quality control in scanners seems to be not consistent.
> I appreciate your prompt answer to my question but at
> the same time what you say doesn't make any sense in
> terms of what I asked.
> I asked
>>My Nikon LS-10 having died, I envisage buying a used
>>Nikon scanner on Ebay. Your remembered experiences of
>>the LS-1000, LS-20, LS-2000, LS-30 in terms of apparent
>>resolution and color accuracy will be very much
>>I am a photo hobbyist, not a pro shooter, and the
>>speed of the scan is not an issue.
> The owner of this maillist has samples of a Kodak
> test slide scanned by these models online. As far
> as I can tell by examining them on screen, the
> LS-1000 has better resolution than the LS-20
> and LS-30 which would be odd if it were so.
> Isn't there any subscriber to filmscanners who
> has personal experience of these models? (in
> addition to this maillist's administrator)
> Can the Kodak test slide used still be ordered?
> Again, thanks in advance.
> Michael Eisenstadt

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