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[filmscanners] RE: B & W - Tips required...

Not to prolong this; but the responses of Grayscale, CYMK, and RBG are
dependent on the type of printing that will be done to produce the final
prints from the file.  Most selections of a color mode is done based ont he
knowledge of the final end printing process to be used.  Each of your
respondents typically has assumed a particular method of printing to be used
in printing the final output; you however have no knowledge of what it will
be so you need to select the one that permits the most options and let the
quality factors fall where they may to be corrected by the printer in the
final printing process.  Ultimately, you know that if the RBG is on the warm
side that any grayscale rendition of that file unless corrected by the
printer will make the reddish casts a form of gray.  So by lightening the
reddish casts in RGB, you can assume that the gray they are rendered as will
also be a lighter shade of gray.

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Subject: [filmscanners] Re: B & W - Tips required...


Thanks for the feedback..

> Just as a note, your film scanner ALWAYS (unless it's a Leafscan ;-) scans
> in RGB no matter whether the data returned to you is converted to
> or left as RGB.

Aah.. obvious... yes...

> I take it you are referring to film "profiles".  I don't believe all

No Austin, i wasn't referring to film profiles.... i just wondered whether
the scanner was better in 'seeing' the B&W... as Bob had suggested... in
fact, right now, i'm getting a wee bit confused.... reasons as follows....

1/ I use both Nikonscan and Vuescan

2/ Vuescan results just don't seem to be all that good... as regards the
profiles, there's nothing for Tri-X only for TMAX. RGB and Grayscale look
similar... and here i see what Bob Shomler meant... flipping between the
channels (in RGB scans) shows no difference. They seem to be identical.

3/ Nikonscan is a lot better... and no profiles there...  but in RGB mode
i'm getting a slight red/warm cast.... not unpleasing actually :) but not
accurate... reducing the red a tad solves the problem. But scanning in
grayscale is fine... and there is a fractional difference in the channels...
red is marginally lighter... then blue and green is the darkest. But the
difference between green and blue is less than the difference with red.

What's really foxing me is whether the end result would be better as an RGB
file or a Grayscale file. As a further note to this, spoke to someone
here... he probably misunderstood but said to send it as a CMYK file! So,
wooops.. we're now all over the country!

Regards and cheers....


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