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[filmscanners] RE: B & W - Tips required...

Hi Bob,

> >1/ Should i keep the files as RGB or convert to grayscale?
> Look at each channel R, B, G).  In my experience they will be
> identical;

They can't be identical on a CCD scanner...simply because the channels have
different bloom/smear characteristics.  The red channel will be fuzzier,
then the blue, and the green should be the sharpest.  That does not mean use
the green channel, BTW...  I believe the best B&W image is made by either
using a scanner that scans in B&W (Leafscan is the only one I know) or
scanning in RGB and using the channel mixer in PS.

Also, there are tonal variations in the three channels, though you may not
see it unless you look carefully.  They are significant, at least to me.

> >2/ What dpi/ppi should i keep the files (8 x 10 inch prints)?

Print size should not matter at scan time.  I always suggest scanning at the
optical resolution of the scanner.  That is the best you can get...and
scanning at less than that degrades the data.

You should do your output size/PPI to your output device tailored to your
output device.  When inkjet printing, just set the image size, and let the
PPI to the printer fall where it does (don't resample), as there is no magic
PPI to the printer for Epson printers, anyway.  For web and pre-press image
output, the PPI actually does matter and should be changed to match your
requirements.  100PPI for web images, and pre-press is up to the pre-press
folks, so contact them for that info.

> B&W grayscale is not the strong suit of most desktop computer
> printers.

Not any more.  I have heard the new 2200 Epson printers do a spectacular
job.  Also, if using quadtone/hextone inks in, say, an Epson 3000, not much
can beat it.  The images are amazing.  Check www.inkjetmall.com, or
www.paulrourke.com for info on printing B&W on Epson printers.



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