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[filmscanners] Re: Couple of basic questions

Adobe used to be a very responsive company, back when only professionals
used the products (they only made a few major products, and most of
those were purchased from other companies). When I ran into some
problems with version 2.5 and 3 they assigned me a specific person in
Adobe whom I dealt with throughout the process.  It involved interfacing
with Wacom tablets, so they were also involved, and we kept in touch by
phone and email for months while working on it.

Today, Adobe makes dozen of products, and many of those product come in
assorted flavors and sizes.  They have so many things on the go, that
any one issue probably becomes just another "we'll eventually get to
it".  The ownership and leadership of Adobe also changed hands as it
became larger and more public a company.  It was started by some math
professors with some good ideas on describing font outlines which became

Basically, today they've become another MS, and if I'm not mistaken they
are the second largest software developer after MS.

Who said "bigger is better" ?


Tony Sleep wrote:

> On Thu, 26 Dec 2002 14:06:38 -0600  Laurie Solomon (laurie@advancenet.net)
> wrote:
>>I made the same criticisms and suggestions to Adobe several years ago
>>about how the clone tool circles and Xs disappear against certain color
>>backgrounds like light to medium gray.
> This is so bleedin' obvious to anyone who's used PS for 5mins, and I don't
> know  anyone who doesn't complain about it. Yet Adobe seem determined to
> ignore it. I can't understand how such a large company which charges so
> much for its flagship product dare be so stubbornly unresponsive - just
> about every other photo editing prog does it better. But then PS6 still
> doesn't fix the ludicrous  and dangerous resize bug that was present in all
> v5.n  - dunno about PS7, I haven't jumped yet.
> Regards
> Tony Sleep - http://www.halftone.co.uk

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