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[filmscanners] Re: Fujichrome Trebi

Sounds like a plot to humiliate anyone still printing analog, as it would seem 
there's no
good way to do an analog print off a maskless neg. As in "Jeez I guess we're 
going to have to break down and buy that Frontier...."

"David J. Littleboy" wrote:

> "Arthur Entlich" <artistic-1@shaw.ca> wrote:
> > Does it open beer bottles and repair holes in socks, too?
> No, but I'll throw in a roll or two if you'll buy this bridge I'm trying to
> sell...
> >>>>>>>
> This seems to be the everyman film that literally can be used for every
> applications... slides, negs, you name it.  When does one have to make
> the decision as to if its slides or negs, before or after development?
> Can you change your mind mid roll? ;-)  Sounds interesting...
> <<<<<<<
> It's a reversal film. Presumably, there's something about it that makes life
> easier for the Fuji Frontier printers...
> David J. Littleboy
> davidjl@gol.com
> Tokyo, Japan
> > TREBI100C claims to use a "clear base" making it appropriate for slide or
> > prints, and features "brilliant" "pure" colors. It's also claimed to be
> for
> > use by a wide range of users, from beginners to professionals.
> >
> > TREBI 400 is a reversal film for "enjoying images of high quality". It
> > features "clarity" and "three dimensionality" and is appropriate for high
> > degrees of enlargement. This stuff is also for everyone. (I suspect that
> in
> > the brocure at hand, the "for use by everyone" symbol is just for films
> that
> > don't have at least one other symbol. Other symbols include "S" for soft,
> > "P" for professional and "[/]" for sharp amd high contrast.)
> >

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