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[filmscanners] RE: My best scanner/film combinations

Okay, I found an example of slide vs. negative film for your viewing
pleasure and posted them on my company site.  You can download them from:

Be aware... these are 2Mb and 1.4Mb respectively.  The scans show a lot of
dirt and I did not make any corrections.  Both were scanned on an LS4000 at
4000dpi with NikonScan 3.1.2, auto exposure, auto focus.  Both were
compressed as "medium" in Photoshop 6.

The negative is Kodak Gold 100 (okay, there's better choices)
The slide is Fuji Sensia 100 (again, not the best, but comparable)

Unfortunately, the lighting changed slightly as did the framing.  I think
the slide was exposed first, in slightly lower light but my memory is fuzzy.

The same lens was used, but different bodies.  Nikon N70 for the negative
and Nikon FE2 for the slide.  Sorry, I did not recorded the original
exposures.  However, given the lack of depth I'd guess I was shooting about

My initial reaction is the negatives grain is more pronounced and the colors
are slightly shifted toward red.  This is most clear in the hill on the left
of the frame.  With an "auto-levels" adjustment in photoshop, you can get an
almost exact match to the slide.  However, the negative requires a little
more work.  A quick way there auto-levels followed by adjusting the hue +9.

I'll keep looking.  I'm pretty sure I have a slide of the same
framing/timing as the negative.  Where it is, is another matter entirely.


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