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[filmscanners] Re:

Here's the address for my recycling bin:

Art Entlich
45.. Be.....
Victoria, BC

I'll even pay postage ;-)

There are a number of things that can cause temporary banding.  The
light source may be be failing, (flicking bulb), which may just need a
new light, or a slightly corroded connection.  Could be a power supply
problem, could even be your electricity was not at proper voltage for a
brief period.

Then there is a possibility the scanner's SCSI interface was having some
intermittent problem, or a slightly loose connection of the card slot,
the cable, etc.

Further, temporary driver corruption might cause SCSI timing problems,
or some other translation difficulty.

What it comes down to, is that intermittent failures are very difficult
to trace, and often are temporary.  Try recreating it by jiggling cable
connections, taping on the scanner while scanning, etc.  If you can't, I
wouldn't panic.  It may have been a transient that will never occur
again, or it may come back tomorrow.  If it does se if you can determine
if anything else is amiss which might give a clue.


Jpuffer wrote:

> Hello all,
> As best as my flaky memory can recall this is my first posting after decades
> of lurking on this the most informative and useful list to which I
> subscribe. I am sure that this topic has been discussed but of course I
> never pay much attention unless it relates to me...always been a problem.
> Anyway... I have a Minolta Diamage Scan Multi II which I generally like a
> lot (I have to since they now sell for a fourth the price I paid). Yesterday
> I was scanning a batch of bw negs and got about halfway through and thought
> I'd finish up today. Today I am getting fairly wide vertical bands, about 10
> across the width of the 35mm frame, alternating light(er) and dark(er) with
> the dark ones approximately twice the width of the light ones. And so I got
> really annoyed, thinking can I send this thing out to the recycle trash or
> just throw it in the river (the Wabash, of song and lore). Here's the odd
> part--- I turned off the scanner, shut down the computer, and had one more
> cup of coffee. I waited a while and then cranked it all up again and tried
> another scan of the same neg. Guess what? No bands. Has anyone had similar
> experience? Is there something I can do? Other than not buy another Minolta.
> Cleaning? A good swift kick? I did try to track down the archive of the list
> and seem to recall that we don't have one. If I'm wrong on that please let
> me know the url or whatever.
> Thanks all,
> John
> ====================
> John Puffer
> 924 Scott St.
> Vincennes, IN  47591
> ====================
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