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[filmscanners] RE: New Epson 3200 Photo

If the nitwits had enlarged that tranny lid from 4x9 to at least 8x10 to
make contact sheets possible, I'd have that scanner. I don't know any
photographer having 20-30 rolls of negs to proof that wants to scan a
single 120 strip or perhaps 2-3 35mm strips at a time. As it stands,
I'll keep my Powerlook III.

I'm disappointed, because I just upgraded to a Sprintscan 4000 Plus. If
the Epson scanner had the larger tranny lid, I would have bought it and
not needed both firewire and SCSI cards in my system. :(


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Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2002 9:29 AM
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Subject: [filmscanners] New Epson 3200 Photo

In case no-one has seen this, here is some info on the new Epson 3200

      Available Jan 2003 - RRP 349
      The world's first - 3200 x 6400dpi consumer flatbed scanner
      EPSON is the first onto the market with a scanner to fulfil the
needs of the advanced user and those who require high-quality film
scanning, with the flexibility of a flatbed. The Perfection 3200 PHOTO
is the 'world's first' consumer flatbed scanner to offer an optical
resolution of 3200 x 6400dpi. Also featuring a 'built-in' 4"x9"
Transparency Unit and a custom developed ASIC for high-speed film scans,
the Perfection 3200 PHOTO ensures that EPSON remains a technology leader
in flatbed film scanning.

      The Perfection 3200 PHOTO will scan medium and large format film
as well as multi-35mm (will scan up to 12 frames at a time) making it
the ideal solution for photo enthusiasts and photographers. It is also
equally at home in a small business that requires all the benefits of a
professional graphics scanner at an affordable price.

      The Perfection 3200 PHOTO features high optical density and 48-bit
colour recognition to guarantee colour reproduction quality of the
highest standard. Even the subtlest of colour and greyscale changes are

      A powerful new scanning tool entitled EPSON Scan has been
introduced to make scanning as easy or as complex as you desire. EPSON
Scan allows users, regardless of experience, to enjoy the benefits of
the Perfection 3200 PHOTO. It has three different levels for home,
amateur and advanced users, providing fully automated and manual
scanning options. SilverFast SE 6 with NegaFix is bundled with the
scanner and will restore old faded photographs, remove film defects,
dust or scratches. Adobe Photoshop Elements is also included so users
can enjoy image editing and manipulation.

      With USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and IEEE 1394 (FireWire), the Perfection
3200 PHOTO provides scans in seconds. These high-speed interfaces,
combined with the new custom ASIC for high-speed film scanning, make the
Perfection 3200 PHOTO approximately three times faster than its
predecessor, the Perfection 2450 PHOTO.

      As with all scanners in the Perfection range, the Perfection 3200
PHOTO also features the EPSON Smart Panel, with Scan to P.I.M, Web,
File, OCR, copy utility and new Scan to PDA feature.

      Richard Baylis, Head of Sales and Marketing, Consumer Products
comments, "The Perfection 3200 PHOTO is the first scanner of its kind in
the world, providing the highest scan resolution and performance of any
consumer flatbed scanner. It has been developed to meet the needs of
those who require more advanced film scanning options, in addition to
high-quality flatbed scanning."

      Perfection 3200 PHOTO Features Summary

        a.. World's First 3200x6400dpi consumer flatbed scanner
        b.. Large, built-in 4"x9" Transparency Unit with new Prism
Sheet, supports all common film formats
        c.. High Optical Density, 3.4 Dmax
        d.. Improved scanning speed - up to 3x faster than the
Perfection 2450 Photo!
        e.. SilverFast SE 6 with NegaFix provides real-time pre-scan
image adjustment & correction
        f.. Dust & Scratch removal with new SilverFast SRD - removes
dust & scratches from film quickly
        g.. Adaptive Colour Restoration with new SilverFast ACR -
restores old, faded photos to their former glory
        h.. New EPSON Scan - simplifies & automates even the most
advanced scanning tasks
        i.. EPSON On-Chip Microlens (mlens) - faster, more accurate
        j.. 48-bit Colour Depth ensures even the subtlest of colour &
greyscale changes will be recognised
      Sounds interesting!


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