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[filmscanners] Re: A partial fix for Minolta scanners?

Hi Tony,

After I wrote the message (in part quoted below) I did look at the
sample images, and yes, it is very similar looking.  I also brought both
samples into Photoshop, upped the levels to see each channel more
clearly, and these "tram" lines do indeed appear to be in random
locations, different with each channel (the red channel is very banded
in this case).  The defects I have seen have looked more like the green
channel showing in the Vuescan example.  One line, one pixel in thickness.

Having said that they look the same, however, doesn't mean they are the
same (although they may be).

1) Do these tram lines always show up in the same locations relative to
  the CCD position?  The ones I saw do.  Do they run the full length of
the frame?

2) The lines I saw show up with the Minolta software, (and as I recall
also with Vuescan,... I tested this over a year ago.)

3) I have seen the problem on three different Dual Scan II units, and
each had repeatable lines in unique locations on each channel depending
upon the specific unit.  The problem has also shown up on Elite II
models, but I only saw one time samples, so I can't say if these defects
were stationary or if they moved around.  My current model has one in
the green.  Earlier models has several in each channel.  Same computer
system and software.

The thing that makes me wonder about the similarity is if the lines
always show up in the same location.  I would think that if the problem
is interface, or timing related, the tram lines would tent to be more
random in terms of positioning.  It would be great if this was just a
software related problem that was correctable, but I tend to think there
may be two unique issues, or it might be that Vuescan is showing an
inherent hardware defect in the CCD or firmware calibration routine
which is diminished in visibility with the Minolta software???

I certainly wouldn't mind being kept up to date on developments
regarding this matter.



Tony Sleep wrote:

> On Mon, 21 Oct 2002 18:15:18 -0700  Arthur Entlich (artistic-1@shaw.ca)
> wrote:
>>In the case of the DUal Scan II, it is a USB
>>interface, rather than SCSI.
> Duh, yes, sorry. Mind you, USB can be weird too.
>>The "tram lines" I am speaking of are
>>specific, in that they occur in certain exactly repeatable locations,
>>are different locations (and numbers) depending on the color channel,
>>and they are always one pixel wide.  In the case I am speaking of, this
>>is an apparent hardware and or calibration defect.
> What do you make of:
> Same fault or different?
> Regards
> Tony Sleep - http://www.halftone.co.uk

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